Divine Lorraine Hotel

Philadelphia is riddled with dilapidated structures from times past, but few attract interest like that of the Divine Lorraine Hotel. A product of the Industrial Revolution, the building was constructed in the 1890’s as an apartment building for the new wealth entering the city. In 1999 the hotel was dealt its final blow as it officially closed its doors for the last time. Primarily a shelter for the homeless and mischievous, the building stands stubbornly covered in the scars of mistreatment and neglect. For those who know of its past, the graffiti and boarded windows do little to degrade its victorian elegance. The absolutes of The Divine Lorraine’s current state are quickly overshadowed once you enter the structure. The desolation and neglect the building envelopes you in is known best by time itself and those who roam its dark floors. You can’t help but still feel what the building once held, as if it were obscured by the blackness. The few windows left boardless allow little hope through its beautifully decorated wooden sills. It’s easy to stumble through the darkness of the floors like there is still some little piece of optimism left behind to find. The light fades fast as does the hope. Remembering it as a home for the extravagant, and currently home to the unsuitable, the darkness will reign for the foreseeable future. -Ben Wentzel